The Definitive Guide To Towing In The UK


At the time of writing, our September article on UK towing laws has been viewed over 150,000 times, even though its primary focus was only on the driving licence aspect of the Law. In order to give a more balanced and comprehensive (dare we say; definitive) summary of all aspects of the towing legislation, we have put together; The Definitive Guide To Towing In The UK.

Much of this Guide is taken from our original article, however, we have expanded on this, to cover, in much more detail, the various constraints and towing limits imposed on the vehicle in question, as opposed to just the driver.

If there is anything at all you are unsure of, when it comes to towing, then, hopefully, this will help to clarify it for you. Please feel free to click on the link above.

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6 Responses to The Definitive Guide To Towing In The UK

  1. Tim bridge says:

    Can you please explain what categories of licence you get when you renew your driving licence at 70 . Having past your test in the 1960s (group A anything up to 7500k)


  2. Alan Young says:

    Still looking into this Tim, but, as far as I can see; your driving licence is renewed on the same basis as your previous one. Certainly, while your licence is being renewed, you continue to drive in accordance with your original licence, so it would make sense that this would be the case after it is issued as well. Not sure what the issue is with DVLA. Been trying to get through for 2 days, with no success (unless they are on reduced staffing levels for the holidays). 95% sure your licence continues as was, with the only difference being that you have to have it renewed every three years, but, as soon as I can confirm this, I will.


  3. Paula Ash says:

    The diagram shows a car wiith a wider caravan. How does this apply to an FC e.g. Pennine Fiesta? Car is similar width to FC. Do you still. Need extra mirrors?


    • Alan Young says:

      The law states that you must have adequate rear vision. In the case of a folding camper, there is another factor to consider, and that is the height of the camper, in respect of the towing vehicle. The first test is the width test. If your car is wider than the Fiesta, then, automatically, no towing mirrors are needed. If, however, the Fiesta is wider, we need to look at the height of it, and what rear visibility it affords whilst towing. If you can see, clearly, over the camper, then the criteria for adequate rear vision is satisfied, and you are legal. If not, then, again, mirrors will be needed. I have a Pennine Sterling 510, which is wider than my car, however, I have a large 4 x 4, which is quite high, and I can clearly see over the camper in my rear view mirror, so I have no requirement to use towing mirrors at all.


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