Paper counterpart to Photo Driving Licence To Be Abolished From 8 June 2015


In just over two weeks time, on 8 June 2015 the DVLA is set to abolish all paper counterparts to the photocard driving licence.

From this date, not only will the DVLA cease to issue any more paper counterparts, but all of those currently in existence will cease to be valid.

This is part of the Government’s Red Tape Challenge, and is supposed to remove any unnecessary administrative burden. It also means that we will not be required to pay the £20 fee for a lost or damaged counterpart. It is important to note that, any drivers who still hold paper only driving licences (issued before 1998) should not destroy them, as these will remain valid.

The counterpart driving licence has, effectively, been replaced by the View Driving Licence service, which was introduced, by the DVLA, in 2014. This is a free service, which is available 24/7, and allows drivers to check their driving record for details such as vehicles they can drive, penalty points and disqualifications.

It will also allow you to create a licence check code, which will allow you to share your driving licence record with another party, such as an employer or car hire company.

In addition to the online service, drivers will, also, be able to check the details of their driving licence by post or phone.

You can keep up to date with developments on the DVLA web site, at;


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