Product Review: Fashion Wind 12V LED Desk Light


We’ve recently come across an excellent little product that we felt was worthy of sharing.; the Fashion Wind 12V LED Desk Light.

This is a compact lamp at a very compact price, and, for the money, it offers a very flexible lighting solution for any camping or non camping scenario.

The lamp is rechargeable, and offers a choice of mounting solutions, as well as being touch controlled, multi directional and dimmable. Not bad for less than a tenner. It also offers a brightness far superior to many lights costing three to five times as much. It’s actually a pretty stylish piece of kit, as well, and looks good pretty much anywhere.


The Fashion Wind lamp comes with a dual purpose base, that can either be used free standing, or clipped to a table, chair or tent / awning pole. Included in the base are a touch sensitive control switch  and charging point. The unit is charged from any standard USB port, using the included charging cable. In use, it can either be plugged in to a USB port, or used free standing, with its on board rechargeable battery.

Once positioned, the flexible neck of the lamp can rotated into any required position.


The LED light has three levels of brightness. Press once for 30% brightness, again for 60%, and a third time for 100%. A fourth touch of the switch turns the unit off again.

In every day use, we found the 30% level to be more than adequate, with the maximum level only being required when the lamp is to be used for reading etc.

The lamps are compact, but powerful, and only weigh in at around 120g each.

At just 36cm high, their compact size makes them ideal for use in any enclosed environment, such as bunks or sleeping compartments in a tent or folding camper.



The Fashion Wind 12V LED lamp is an ideal addition to the camping arsenal. Light and compact enough to be carried in a back pack, it is equally well suited to a larger unit such as a folding camper, where there are a number of potential applications, including over the back of the kitchen unit (see below) bed pods or, of course, awnings.

What really impresses us about this little lamp is its sheer power for the size. On full power, this lamp pushes out 600 Lumens, according to the manufacturers.

By way of arbitrary example, compare that to something like the Ring 90 LED Flexi Tent Light, which, reputedly, puts out 294 Lumens, and is, at the time of writing, for sale in Halfords for £39.99.

In our own Pennine Sterling folding camper, we currently have two Kampa Sabre 150 LED strip lights, one at each end, attached permanently to the main frame, over the beds, plus four of these little lamps, which move around between the kitchen, bed pods and awning. We would definitely recommend them to anyone thinking of adding a little extra light to their current camping setup.


One of the many potential uses of these versatile little lamps is clipped to the back of the kitchen unit for extra light when cooking / washing up, as here, in our own Sterling.

These are available from various sources, including this one here;

Fashion Wind 12V LED Lamp On Ebay

About Alan Young

MD and owner of the Woodhurst Group, including Praxis Accountancy Limited and Blue Sky Recreation Limited. Also Commercial Director of The Sky visor Group
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