Pennine To Showcase New Air Porch 6 Awning At Next Week’s NEC Show


One of the most commonly requested retro fit items we hear of is a porch awning for a folding camper, either to supplement an existing awning, or as a means to extend the accommodation, especially where a unit has been acquired without a standard awning.

A key advantage of folding campers is their ease of set up, but many do struggle with the full size awning, and an awning that is both lightweight, and quick / easy to set up, has long been on many people’s wish list.

Traditionally, the only way around this was to acquire a standard porch awning, and adapt this to fit the camper, by fitting a compatible zip. This was never ideal, as the fabric is rarely a decent match, and this can be a fiddly or expensive job, depending on whether you chose to do it yourself, or have one adapted.

Increasingly, in recent months, the idea of an air awning for folding campers has also been gaining popularity, and many people have been looking into a way of utilising one on their own folding camper.

To this end, Pennine have been looking at producing an awning that combines the best of both worlds; a lightweight porch awning specifically manufactured for the Pennine 6 berth models. Today, they announced that development of this awning is now complete, and it will be available to view at next week’s Motorhome and Caravan Show, at the NEC.


The Pennine Air Porch 6 offers the extra space we often need, without having to set up a full size awning.

This is what many of you will have been waiting for; a bespoke Pennine awning, weighing just 16.2 kilos, but with an impressive floor size of 320cm x 230cm.

The awning incorporates two side doors, with mesh, and a roll up front section, also with mesh.

Retail price for the Air Porch 6 awning will be £599, but it is currently being offered, on launch, for £499, including pegs and pump.

It is also available, as a retro fit item, for earlier Pennine Pathfinder and Conway Crusader (non slide out beds) models, should you fancy a useful upgrade to your existing unit.

If you do want to check it out, then Pennine will be on stand 12.20, at the show next week, from 13th to the 18th October. If you want to check out the full specs., they are available on the Pennine web site.


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