Model Review And Summary: Pennine Fiesta


In the second of our detailed looks at the Pennine range, we take a look at the Pennine Fiesta, another four berth camper that is the only model still in production today (although it has changed quite significantly in its twenty five year history).

The next model up from the Aztec, the Fiesta also utilises one of the double beds in order to make up a settee. Unlike the Aztec, however, there is also a second, permanently made up settee, if both beds are to be used constantly.

The Basics

DSCN1427The Fiesta is a four berth folding camper with more advanced kitchen facitlities than the Aztec, including a three way fridge (12V, 240V and gas) and (on all but the very oldest models) an electrically powered water pump. This model also has 12V lighting which can be powered either by the onboard leisure battery (optional) or by 240V electric hookup (through the onboard transformer).

The Fiesta is the only model in the range with the distinctive ‘T’ shaped footprint, when set up. This is due to the kitchen, which protrudes from the main body of the canvas, at the front of the camper.

Setup time is a little longer than most models, largely due to this unique kitchen arrangement, but can still be completed, comfortably, in 15-20 minutes, with a further 20 – 30 minutes for the optional awning. The Fiesta can be used with two permanently made up double beds, and a two seater settee, or with a single double bed and a further large settee.


With an ex works weight of 580kg and a maximum gross weight of 750kg, this means it can comfortably be towed by a 1.4 litre car. The overall length (including hitch) is exactly 4M, and the width / height when stowed are 1.84M and 1.3M respectively. The camper includes a fresh and waste water system, gas fueled two burner hob and grill, 12V and 240V electric systems and three way fridge.

Review / Appraisal

DSCN1508As with the rest of the Pennine range, the Fiesta best realises its maximum berth potential when used in conjunction with the optional awning. That said, even without the awning, it does offer quite generous four berth accommodation, with seating for four or five, comfortably, and two large double beds. The only minor compromise, when accommodating four is that the one bed must be alternated between bed and settee, but this is a small price to pay for such comfortable and spacious accommodation. This wasn’t always the case. Earlier Fiestas had two fixed settees, in a dinette arrangement, each with a fixed double bed behind. The only down side with the original arrangement was that it did restrict floor space considerably, especially when all four berths were in use. Although slightly less convenient, the current layout does allow for far more floor space, whilst still allowing the full compliment to dine / relax in comfort. It’s a layout that does work really well and offers all the equipment and specifications of its larger siblings, with just the slight compromise mentioned above. That said, the Fiesta is almost as large as the Sterling, Pullman etc when folded, so many will prefer to go for one of the slightly larger models, thereby providing the added convenience of both two fixed settees, and two fixed double beds. For those of you fortunate enough to be looking at the current model range, you will also have the added advantage of a small toilet cubicle. This sits adjacent to the kitchen, and, whilst a very welcome addition to the model, it does pretty much halve the size of the the kitchen itself.


The Fiesta slots in somewhere between the entry level Aztec, and the larger models, such as the Sterling, Pullman, Clubman and Pathfinder. Whilst it is almost as large as the latter models, and shares a similar level of equipment, the Fiesta requires the making up of one settee from a double bed. Hardly a major issue, but it is one of the distinguishing features. The Fiesta is the largest model with beds opening side to side, as opposed to end to end. This also explains its distinctive ‘T’ footprint.

If you would like to take a look at any brochures, manuals etc, or check out the dimensions and other specifications for this model, feel free to take a look at the Pennine Fiesta Model Summary on the Blue Sky Web Site.

fiesta floor plan


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